Our Mission

“It is necessary to help others, not only in our prayers, but in our daily lives…”



The poverty stricken residents in each society not only pose a problem in and of themselves, but a larger and more serious threat to the community in which they live. There are more and more elderly men and women who have been left alone, to care for their grandchildren. However these seniors are devoid of almost any funds themselves, thus they often cannot offer these children any support at all. This among many other societal ailments creates thousands of underprivileged children that lack guidance, education, clothing, nourishment, and even basic medical attention. Without any aid, they will seek to get these basic things elsewhere. Experience has taught us that when these children are not provided for, they turn to petty theft, begging, burglary and even prostitution. These unwanted conditions breed crime, drug addiction, extremism and other problems that promote instability in the region. This is an unacceptable result that Lotus Victory Foundation, a non profit organization based in New York City, works tirelessly with the children´s orphanages to avoid. Our principle is that these people deserve a more certain future, and we are committed wholeheartedly to that principle.

Our mission is to provide local and global communities trapped in the downward spiral of poverty the material, human, and educational resources needed to overcome their situation. Our methods conscientiously respect local culture and environment, seeking to utilize existing resources whenever possible, to help guarantee self-sufficiency.